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Expense in Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

I. Tuition & Fees

Clinical Medicine (MBBS) is mainly to train the international students capacities of body structure and function in human beings, human behavior, and normal state of mind; Causes of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases including mental illnesses, the impact of environmental, social, behavioral and psychological factors on the occurrence and development of diseases and the importance of disease prevention; Pathogenesis, clinical symptoms, diagnosis and preventive ways of common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases; Basic knowledge of pharmacology and clinical principles of rational drug use; Normal pregnancy and delivery, common obstetric emergency treatment, principles of prenatal and postnatal health care, and family planning; Health education and disease prevention, common diseases, disabilities, rehabilitation, hospice care, and general practice; Knowledge of clinical epidemiology; Basic patterns of development and spread of infectious diseases, and prevention of common infectious diseases.










16,450 RMB


4,100 RMB



Note: Insurance, medical checkup, stethoscope, labcoat and medical handouts, Resident permit, Sphygmomanometer, Admin Liaison fee is 10,000 RMB which makes total of first year fee clearance: 32,550 RMB

II. Cost of Living

In Beijing, China's most expensive city, you can live fairly comfortably off of US$15 a day. Renting an apartment costs around US$250-350 a month and a meal at your local noodle joint won't set you back more than a couple of dollars.

If you're on a tight budget, you'll find that the salary from a part-time teaching job can go a long way in China. Also, unless you have your heart set on living in Beijing or Shanghai, don't overlook China's lesser-known cities where you may only have to pay US$150 a month for a room on campus.

III. Campus Accommodation

According to Regulation of Foreigners' Entry and Exit in P. R. China, students should register accommodation and fill in Registration for Provisional Accommodation after their entry. Those who accommodate in hotels or foreign students buildings on campus should register it to hotels or College of Foreign Students Education. Those who accommodate in other places (including home of local residents, inside the enterprises) should declare it to the local police station.

Registration of Provisional Accommodation should be filled in clearly and completely with proper foreign abbreviations.

Changes on accommodation should be declared on time. Those who have applied for Residence Permit accommodate at the places registered rather than declaring accommodation registration. Those who leave the places registered and accommodate temporarily at other places (e.g. home of Chinese or foreign friends) should declare.

Those who fail to complete such accommodation registrations or stay without any valid certificates will be fined 50 to 500 RMB in accordance with Regulations of Foreigners' Entry and Exit in P. R. China.


Foreign Students Buildings in Wanli Campus: Building No.3

Facilities: Central Air Conditioner, telephone, broadband Internet access, closed-circuit TV, flush toilet, water heater, Refrigerator and washing machine.


Building No. 3: Single room: 8200 RMB per year/per person.

Building No. 3: Flat with 2 bedrooms (2 students share one flat): 4100 RMB per year/ per person.

Foreign Students Building in College of Medicine, Yang Ming Campus: Building A & B Block

Facilities: Air conditioner, telephone, broadband Internet access, closed circuit TV, flush toilet, water heater and washing machine

Building A : Single Room: 8200 RMB per year/per person. Single flat (shared by two students): 4100 RMB per year/per person

Building B

Flat with one bedroom, shared by 2 students: 4100 RMB per year/ per person.

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