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About Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Since the founding  in 1959, and especially since the start of reform and opening up more than 30 years ago,Jiangxi University of TCM (JXUTCM) has always adhered to the educational mission of“ serving the development of traditional Chinese medicine,the local economic development, the all-round social progress and the nation”, and has promoted the school motto“Learning and Virtue, Devoting and Excellence”. Taking“cultivating pragmatic, creative, enterprising and competitive talents who adapt to the needs of the social progress and the development of traditional Chinese medicine ”a sits goal, JXUTCM has effectively promoted the development of traditional Chinese medicine and the overall progress of the society and economy.

Covering an area of 2300 mu (i.e. 153 hectares), JXUTCM has 19000 full-time students. There are 21 undergraduate programs at the university, including six major disciplines—medicine, science, engineering, management,social sciences and humanities. In the first-level discipline, JXUTCM possesses 2 authorized doctorate degree points and 4 authorized master degree points respectively. In the secondary discipline, JXUTCM possesses 34 authorized master degree points. JXUTCM has 2 national engineering research centers and 10 key laboratories at ministerial or provincial level.The university has unique advantages in the fields of pharmacy of Chinese materia medica , acupuncture & moxibustion, Tuina, etc. JXUTCM has developed a series of key pharmaceutical techniques and equipment,forcefully promoting the modernization of Chinese materia medical equipment. The original achievement  “Heat Sensitive Moxibustion” theory and treatment has created a new therapy through endogenous heat-sensitive regulation.

JXUTCM has been one of the first batch universities that are authorized to cultivate foreign students by the Ministry of Education. There have been more than 1600 students coming from Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao and more than 10 countries studying at the university. Meanwhile, the university has set up the long-term cooperation with research, medicine and education institutions from more than 20 regions and countries. Taking TCM education as the main body,JXUTCM is a distinctive TCM university with the coordinated multi-disciplinary development and the combination involving production, teaching & research.

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